Tiger Hill Darjeeling | Best time to visit | Attraction
There is a sunrise view point near Darjeeling, known as Tiger Hill. It is approx 11km away from Darjeeling town.  With an altitude of approx 8,500ft (2600 meter) it offers the visitors a mesmerizing view of Himalaya. The Himalayan mountains are spread over 2500km & from Tiger Hill you can see a large chunk of it. The main attraction remains Mt. Kanchendzonga (8598m), the third highest peak. You can also view Mt. Everest (8848m), the world’s highest peak.  There are many other peaks i.e. Kabru North (7,338m), Kabru South (7,317m), Frey Peak (5830m), Rathong (6679m), Koktang (6147m), KumbhaKarna (7710m), Goecha (5,127m), Kabru Forked (6,108m), Simvo (6811m), Pandim (6619m) & many other.

Tiger Hill (Darjeeling) | Attraction | Best time to visit

Kanchendzonga from Sandakphu 18.1s - Tiger Hill (Darjeeling)

Kanchendzonga from Tiger Hill Darjeeling

Darjeeling to Tiger Hill is approx 45 minutes. You need to start for early in the morning at 4am. During winter starting at 4.30am will be ok. Hundreds of vehicle with thousands of tourists leave for the place everyday. As the sun rises early in summer you need to starts at approx 3.30am. Moreover the traffic will be almost doubled as summer is the peak tourist season.


Best time to Visit Tiger Hill

The view mostly depends on the weather condition. So October to December will be best time to visit Tiger Hill. Just after the monsoon autumn offers a clear weather & best visibility. January & February mostly remains foggy & has the lesser chance. Mar to May will be comparatively a better season as visibility will be better. It’s better to avoid monsoon i.e. July to mid September as the weather remains cloudy during this period. Getting a clear view of Kanchendzonga is very rare in Monsoon.



Tiger Hill is an extreme cold place. The temperature remains low almost throughout the year due the chilling wind at high altitude. So it is advisable to carry heavy worm cloths & wind proof while travelling.

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